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Atelier Akion Leather Cords


About Our Cords

POLY NYLON CORD - Proudly made in the USA. It is light weight and strong. UV light, rot, and mildew resistant. Color dye used will not run or bleed. It has a high number of interwoven strands for its size, giving it a relatively smooth texture. The construction makes nylon thread fairly elastic, and, since it is resistant to the elements, it is an all-weather material suited for daily wear. I use these nylon threads to weave my cords.

LEATHER CORDS - We use very high quality, naturally dyed eco -friendly leather. The leather cord dyes are certified 100% Lead-Free and meet all requirements of the German Goods ordinance, REACH (European Union), ROSH (U.K.), and CPSIA (U.S.) which require consumer goods to be free of lead, AZO's, and carcinogenic chemicals. The leather will soften over time with the natural oils of your skin and will retain its strength if kept away from water. Water will accelerate the aging process and may cuase it to shrink and crack.


Bronze Jewelry

Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and tin. This combination gives it a warm golden tone ranging from yellow to a reddish gold. We offer select designs in bronze as an affordable alternative to gold. Over time, bronze will develop a natural patina due to oxidation. This beautiful transitional effect can be seen as an enhancement to our designs. However it can be removed simply by using a proper polishing cloth.

NOTE: Bronze rings have a tendency to turn fingers green or black as a result of the chemical reaction between its copper content and your skin's sweat and acids. We recommend coating the inside of your bronze ring with clear nail polish to help prevent this. Another alternative is to order half a size larger than your usual ring size, so there is some air flow between the ring and your skin, especially during hot summer months when your fingers may expand under heat. Bronze is a very hard material and not bendable. Please do not try to bend it as it will break.

Caring For Bronze

To slow down the patination of your bronze jewelry after use, it is advisable to wipe the pieces clean with a soft cloth before storing them. It is advisable to keep your bronze jewelry in a zip locked plastic bag.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other base metals. It is considered a precious metal.

Caring For Sterling Silver

* If you wear your sterling silver jewelry regularly, your body oils help to minimize oxidation and keep cleaning to a minimum.

* Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Use a pouch and keep away from sunlight. This will help to slow the oxidation process.

* Clean with Sunshine Cloth to restore its shine. The cloth contains special cleaning chemicals that will give jewelry a great shine. Rub gently to remove tarnish.

* For heavier tarnish, use a non-abrasive brand name liquid or paste silver polish. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of tarnish. Dry thoroughly.

* Remove when cleaning, swimming or taking a shower. Also avoid using harsh chemicals while wearing your jewelry.



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